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Casual Get Together - Follow-up Survey

Now that we've had a couple of casual get together's, we would like to hear from you.  We want to continue to make them sucessful and something that you'll want and look forward to attending.

The Skybox Grill at the Hilton is current under construction and closed until next year.  We plan to have the next get together at the High Park Grill on Whitaker Mill Road.

We would like for you to take this short 6 question survey to give us feedback for any future events. Please take the time to give us your honest feedback.  This will help us to make sure we have events that everyone will want to attend and enjoy.

Thanks in advance for your time!


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1)   Did you attended either of the previous casual get together's (February or May)?

2)   If your schedule permits, do you plan to attend future get together's?

3)   How often would you like for us to schedule these types of events?

4)   We're considering having the next event on either November 24 (Friday the day after Thanksgiving) or the very next Friday December 1st.. What is your preference?

5)   Should we continue to have a small buffet as usual or would you rather just order from the menu?

6)   Are there things that you would change for our future get togethers? If so, what would you change? If you have any suggestions for another venue, please give us your recommendations here?