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Save the Date! 

Friday, May 4th for Our Next Get Together!

(Details to follow later)


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Dec. 1st Christmas Party Pictures

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May 5th Get Together Pictures

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Feb. 3rd Get Together Pictures

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Front row (left to right) – Ray Reeve, Betsey Askew, Jackie Daniels, Steve Garrison, Gray Speight, Robert Heath, Dottie Harris, George Dennis, Pat Reeves, Jane Shearin, David Cromartie,  Diane Ellen, Bill Baxley, Clara Carter, Dottie Montague, Carol Hollifield, Suzanne Rotchford, Sarah Green, Barbara Atkins, Cheryl Cofield

Second row (left to right) – Cecil Burt, Sandy Smith, Donnie Johnson, Jerry Hendrick, Johnny Baker, Rusty Roberts, Bob Johnson, Skip Simonds, James Stem, Johnny Collins, Toni  Stancil, Gail Barbour, Sally Stephenson, Mike Sansom, Joyce Martin, Katherine Jackson, Betty Carter, Barbara Tilton

Back row (left to right) – Eric Schwall, Mark Schiller, Sharron Hodge, David Finch, Ronnie Wall, Brent Rhue, Sammy King, Greg Stott, Mike Gay, Patsy Turner, Jimmie Powell, Dennis Worley, Hal Milliken, Allen Montague, Susan Lassiter, Robert Harrington, Sylvia Wilson, Rickie Fowler, Shirley Hamilton, Tommy Gattis, Johnny Hartsfield, Danny Bellamy, Jane Moore, Sharon Rice, James Mettrey, Libby Lawson 

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25th Class Reunion Group Picture

64-68 Classes 

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Any donation will go to our future reunion/casual get together's fund! Thanks for your support!


•   Pat Reaves  3/13
•   Tommy Gattis  2/14
•   Skip Simonds  1/27
•   Lewis "Pat" Warren  1/21
•   Betty Carter (Perry)  12/23
•   Robert Harrington  12/21
•   Barbara Atkins (Batts)  12/20
•   Steve Stephenson (Reunion Consultant)  12/5
•   Susan Lassiter (Earp)  12/4
•   Sharron Hodge (Wilson)  12/3
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 58.4%

A:   136   Joined
B:   97   Not Joined